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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some behind the scenes as we started our journey hehe....

Come meet the Telur Mobile at BugFest 2009!

Hey hey ya'll!

Our beloved Telur Mobile narrowly escaped being repainted and in celebration we'll be taking the darling car to meet some of its relatives and close friends at BugFest (Bug-O-Rama) 2009 this Sunday! Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, 16 August 2009
Time: 11.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: The Summit USJ

Meet us there! Honk honk! :D

More details of our two-week journey soon!

Hi everyone!

Sorry we have been out of commission since Kuantan - the last few days of our journey were incredibly hectic and just our luck - internet connection turned on us!

Now that we're back we're taking it easy for a bit (trying to recover).
We'll be tallying all the signatures we collected thus far and listing them by State - let's see which State is the most supportive of turtle conservation laws! :)

In the mean time, we'll also be putting up more posts from our journey, filling you in on the in-betweens. Watch this space!

We're coming home!

Friday, August 7, 2009

All our Klang Valley fans finally have the chance to meet up with us. After 2 weeks on the road collecting signatures to ban the sale of turtle eggs, the Telur Rangers are coming home! Join the celebrations. And bring along your completed signature forms. If you haven't yet, download and print out one (or many), and start collecting those signatures.

Venue: Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamans, KL
Date: Saturday, 8 August 2009
Time: 10.30pm - 12.00midnight

Mail your forms here

Thursday, August 6, 2009

If you've been out collecting signatures just like we have, mail them to Telur Rangers, c/o WWF Malaysia, 49 Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Or fax 03-7803-5157.

You can still download the form here and get all your friends, colleagues and classmates to sign. We may be at the end of road trip but we're still collecting signatures. 100,000 signatures! So please help.

Day 8 - Kuantan - Olympia College

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We had a good time in Perhentian and it was a good rest. As soon as we reached Kuala Besut, we headed down straight to Kuantan on the same day.

The next day, we were invited to Olympia College Kuantan to give a talk on turtles and also the Egg=Life campaign and also the role of the Telur Rangers. We could see that the students there were quite interested on what we have to say and we actually received more than 700 signatures from them!

So thank you to all of you from Olympia College, Kuantan and also thanks to Christine Gan who has given us a lot of help!

By the way guys, will be posting soon the numbers from each state which we have collected and at the moment... roughly we can see that we need more help from all of you in Malaysia. So keep yourself updated with the announcement in our fan page or in this blog ok?


Visit to the Perhentian hatchery

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hi everyone,

As per Nell and Grace's posts, we had a wonderful and very fruitful time on Perhentian - fulfilled our objective of spotting turtles. We believe we saw more than one but they were so quick in swimming away we could barely catch up. However, we did manage to capture it on a short video - check it out on our Facebook fan page!

Apart from that, we also visited the turtle hatchery on Perhentian, where they sealed off access to a few particular beaches to allow turtles to nest in peace.

Here's us arriving at the hatchery:

This particular beach was sealed off and we were told it was off-limits to tourist and visitors.

The markings that are used to identify the translocated turtle eggs.

As we were leaving, a boat carried two mat sallehs to the island - yep, right onto the beach that's off-limits. Go figure.

We certainly hope the authorities take their roles of protecting these animals seriously. The Leatherback Turtle is a perfect example - are we going to keep repeating the same mistakes?

2nd August Perhentian Besar

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey guys,

As you may already know we're in Perhentian Besar right now. Had a good day collecting signatures, snorkelling and looking out for turtles. Managed to spot a few green turtles as they surfaced to breathe......yes turtles need to surface to breathe as they are reptiles and breathe air :)

Well the response here in Perhentian has been great. The wonderfull people at Alu Alu Divers actually took some forms and said they'll get all their guests to sign, Thanks so so much Johan and Ari. Also all the other visitors we approached were more than happy to sign up. So people of Perhentian.....Thank You :)

Sorry there's not gonna be too many pictures uploaded for our Perhentian trip for now. We'll try to upload some tomorrow k.

BTW, we're gonna be interviewed by Malaysia Hari Ini on TV3 tomorrow 3rd August at 7.30am. So for those of you who dont have to rush off to work, please do try to catch us.

Alright guys, it's almost midnight now and we gotta sleep some before our interview tomorrow so we dont look like zombies on TV :P

Keep the signatures coming in.
Till our next post...

Telur Ranger Grace

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Day 6 - Kota Bharu

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hey everybody,

Really sorry that we didn't post anything yesterday.. Most of the time we were on the road, crossing over from Perlis to Kelantan and by the time we reached Kota Bharu, it was already 10pm. 7 hours on the road going up the Banjaran Titiwangsa and down, is insane! But we made it! and it's all good.

So we woke up this morning fresh and walked around town and stumbled upon one big open market. As we were just looking around, we saw the turtle eggs, proudly being displayed on top of other vege at the stalls.

From my own experience, I've seen before the sales of turtle eggs when I travel down to the islands in Terengganu but this time around I feel its a bit wrong that they're selling it openly. We were thinking of getting some video interviews, but knowing the sellers, probably they would just throw some kain batik at us or something.. heh. you never know. Anyways, what we found out is that most of the eggs are being sold at RM 10 for 3 eggs. I spoke to one of the sellers and the info that I got from them is that how the sellers receive their stock is from Sabah, where the eggs are usually being transported by air or by illegal sea transportation.

After a while, we were already getting some attention where people start looking at us, so we decided to leave and head on to look for restaurants serving the turtle eggs. Yeap, we found them and found out they're selling it at RM 4 per egg. Usually, the eggs are served with steamed rice and known to be a delicacy among the locals.

There are some who mentioned that its actually illegal to sell the turtle eggs openly, and I did post a question to the sellers whether if they were being stopped by the law enforcement officers to sell it openly.. the answer is NO.

Its really time for us to do something about this. They are even aware that the turtle eggs are not easy to get. Tsk Tsk.

Ok. we have to go now.. our boat to Perhentian is waiting.. Updates coming up soon!

Day 4 : Perlis

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey everybody!

It seems that it's been a while since we left KL, but heck.. its just Thursday! Time passes by very the fast and we didn't realize it till today because we were just busy collecting signatures.

Updates for today - from Alor Setar, we drove on to Kangar and went to the Pekan Batu Pahat Scouts Centre. At the centre, there was about 70 of them who was eager for our car to arrive and they were quite happy to see us as we were excited to see them. :) When the Rangers reached the scouts camp, we were really touched and surprised that they actually prepared a welcome banner with the Telur Mobile on it!

Not only the support that we have received from them, but also it feels good for us to actually talk to the group and also receiving a lot of interest from them on what is the cause all about. Ok, before I continue.. Most of you would know that I'm 26 years of age. What I'm trying to say here is that you don't need to be a mature age to start on something (ie a cause, an action.. anythinglah), if you feel like it.. just do it!

For example our dear lil Adam last night. A 3 year old boy managed to get 12 signatures in less than 20 minutes!

Back to our updates for today, we spent quite a while at the Scouts camp as the participants were quite interested on listening to what the Rangers had to say.. seriously, we felt so motivated with the support that we have received and so far, its been a good 2 days!

As we were in town in Kangar, we were recommended to go to the Kuala Perlis jetty to catch some of the crowd there. The best thing about being in Kuala Perlis is they have a darn good range of seafood places over there.. so we're stuffed. =)

After dinner, the Rangers was actually at the seafood court car park to get more signatures and the response was really awesome! Out of all who replied to this cause, we did not get much rejection on the Egg=Life campaign. Everyone who we approached was all excited about the cause! What makes me feel so touched was one of the girls from the gerai actually came after me as i was about to leave and asked me whether she can have some forms so that she can help. Her name is Ila and she's from Kuala Perlis. I asked her a question, why was she so interested to help the Telur Rangers. And she said:

"When you guys came and talked to us, I just felt like I need to do something. It's my birthday tomorrow and I want to be a part of something special. Thanks to you all, I found that special thing!"


So guys, if someone who is a stranger to me and strongly supported the cause that I was doing.. isn't that exciting news? So when will be your turn? ;D

Okay, need to sleep now. Early day tomorrow!